Why Dissociation Matters

Understanding of Dissociation gives us the power to transform our lives and our world!

We all use Dissociation in our daily lives, mostly instinctively and unconsciously. Dissociation is an ordinary coping mechanism, a natural, built-in survival response to the unbearable or traumatic. It involves core levels of our needs and beliefs, so understanding it can help us make sense of what we do and why we do it.

In turn, this understanding brings to light important truths that apply to a vast array of human challenges, conditions and dysfunctions, and it also reveals how people can harm themselves, other beings, and the environment, both individually and globally. This understanding can help you create shifts and changes from the small to the seemingly impossible.



When you understand Dissociation, and see how it manifests in your life, you have a powerful tool to transform the areas of your life that aren’t working for you.


How would your life be different if you felt more empowered and fulfilled, and knew you could create positive change in your life and the world?

  • Personal Relationships: Once you understand your own actions and responses, and gain insight into the actions and responses of others, you can create better relationships with yourself, your loved ones, the people you work with, and anyone else you encounter during your day.
  • Community Building: When you connect more deeply with yourself, you also form deeper connections with others. Prejudice, hate, and fear fade as we realize we share the same basic needs and drives. When we have new understandings, we can focus on these commonalities and find solutions together, choosing new ways to survive and meet our needs.
  • Global Responsibility: As you come to understand Dissociation, the knowledge takes root in your unconscious/subconscious. Over time, this knowledge leads to new insights and perspectives that bring to light new options, and better solutions. In turn, this enables you to make wiser choices in all areas of your life, and helps you more readily co-create a happier, sustainable world where everyone thrives.



  • Dissociation profoundly impacts the way we relate to each other and the world around us, because it occurs within every level of society, not only on an individual basis, but also within our systems, structures, institutions, corporations, etc.
  • Understanding Dissociation creates a practical framework for interpreting, diagnosing, and developing new, more effective and humane treatments and approaches for everything from abuse, addictions, poverty and crime, through to environmental destruction and corporate takeovers.
  • On a global level, it can be applied to politics, wars, government accountability; and corporate practices that cause environmental degradation. It can be used to create more enlightened education in institutions and other forms of study and learning.
  • In the psychiatric world, when symptoms and labels are looked at as part of the Dissociative Spectrum, true healing and rehabilitation become viable and achievable in most cases, possibly even all. This is also true for addictions, criminal behaviors, and many more conditions we think of as incurable!

By consciously applying an understanding of dissociation, we create connection and help foster re-association of what has been dissociated, producing amazing improvements in our own and other people`s lives. The negative effects, interferences and intrusions of Dissociation that control our lives, societal rules and norms, and so-called unsolvable problems are vast. However, I believe the possibilities for positive effects and results are greater.


Understanding Dissociation

makes the untreatable treatable, the unhealable healable,

the unchangeable changeable!