Vision and Spiritual Calling 


My personal purpose is spreading understanding, hope and inspiration to promote peace, happiness, and healing in the Love is the Answer movement.

My passion is educating about how Dissociation and the Spectrum of Dissociative Effects impacts and shapes our lives.


In the process of following my calling, I share my insights and understandings, gleaned from a lifetime of experience and observation. Some of the wealth of information I offer others stems from my personal journey of healing from extreme abuse, including child trafficking and pornography, torture, sex slavery, and worse.

I believe we’re in a time of great change and that we need to heed the words of a great man of peace who advised us to “Be the change you wish to see.

For my part, as I inform and educate, you won’t find me naming names, pointing fingers, or screaming for justice. You will find me applying loving compassion and understanding, as I aim for healing and a peaceful, happy world.


Professional Experience

My current focus is on bringing understanding of Dissociation and the Spectrum of Dissociative Effects to the general public. 

I am a consultant, educator, author, lay counselor, and advocate/activist, with a background in the communicative arts, social services, and spiritual and social change leadership.

I hold a Social Service Worker Honors Certificate from Malaspina College, (now called Vancouver Island University). Read more…


Personal Background


The “Normal” Part

My life has been an odyssey through a spectrum of diverse experiences, for example going from 8th grade nerdy honor roll student to high school dropout leaving home at 16, a “wild child” of the 70’s. Read more…


The “Nasty Secrets” Part

Excerpt from Patterns in Mind-Control: A First Person Account, originally published in Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-First Century: Psychological, Forensic, Social and Political Considerations (2008)

 “I was raised as a demonstration model for mind-control techniques designed to provide the latest, most marketable form of human slavery of the time.  From my birth in 1960, I was subjected to daily trainings and exploitations designed to create dissociated identities or alternate personalities (referred to as “alters”) that could be programmed according to the needs of the buyer(s). Read more …