Stuff You Need To Know


Stuff You Need to Know – INDEX
 General Dissociation-related Stuff
  • Recognizing Dissociation at Work in your Life
  • My Beliefs About What Works and What Doesn’t in Creating Change
  • Healthy Perspectives and Approaches
    • Dissociative Symptoms Checklists
  • My Suggestions for Alternatives
 Dissociative Identity-specific Stuff
  • All Alters are Good and Helpful
  • It Wasn’t Your Fault
  • Divvy Up Supports
  • Wholeness, not Integration, is the Goal

Disclaimer: I offer ideas, comments and suggestions. I do not offer guarantees nor make promises of any sort. I am not responsible for what you do with this information – it is up to you to use discretion and self-care in relation to what you do, or do not, accept and/or apply.


General Dissociation-related Stuff You Need to Know


Recognizing Non-DID Dissociation at Work in Your Life

Troublesome effects of trauma and Dissociation are common in modern human existence.

Do you know how the effects of trauma and Dissociation are “squirting out” in your life? 

Is it through:

  • Addictions?
  • Abuse/violence?
  • Avoidance?
  • Poor relationships?
  • Eating disorders?
  • Mood disorders?
  • ADD/ADHD symptoms?
  • PTSD symptoms of poor concentration, extreme startle reflex, etc.?
  • Criminal behaviour such as shoplifting, vandalism, or more serious crimes?
  • Or something else?

What can you do about changing dissociative effects and responses?

How can you take control and create life improvements?

And how can you better interpret the behaviors and responses of others in your family, community, society, government, media, etc.? Read more…

My Beliefs About What Works and What Doesn’t Work in Creating Change

It is my fervent belief that the traditional methods and approaches in current use, in general, do not solve problems or provide solutions to issues stemming from dissociative effects.  As I see it, our only hope for progress is to step away from what evidently does not work, and start employing new approaches to create the changes we seek. Read more…

Healthy Perspectives and Approaches

For those of you who recognize a need for new methods and approaches to healthy change, here are some trailblazing suggestions and ideas. Read more…

My Suggestions for Alternative Techniques and Treatments
My best suggestions for new perspectives and approaches to create the healing and evolutionary changes we seek. 
Non-Violent Communication (NVC) 
Healthy needs-based communication tool that focuses on the needs driving us and provides a simple method to connect with and find new ways to meet the needs of all involved. Read more…  
Living in Families Effectively (LIFE) Seminars 
Empowering parent education course that’s also of value to non-parent and especially helpful to anyone dealing with Dissociation-related issues. Read more… 
Empathic Therapy
Psychiatric reform organization to promote mental and emotional health and well-being through treatment without drugs. Read more…
Energy healing technique that uses theta brainwaves to create emotional, physical and spiritual healing and transformation. Read more…  
Restorative Justice
Criminal justice  alternative that facilitates connection between victim and criminal and the needs they are each trying to meet,  bringing them together to cooperatively create meaningful restitution. Read more…  
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) 
Emotional version of acupuncture applies this ancient process directly to emotional issues. Read more…   
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
Comprehensive, integrative information processing therapy approach to healing trauma and PTSD. Read more…  
Natural Reassociation Method (NRM)
New approach to RA/MC recovery that capitalizes on our innate healing capacities, transforming how survivors and support persons view and experience recovery. Read more…  

Extreme Dissociation-related and DID-specific Stuff You Need to Know 

All Alters are Good and Helpful    
No alter is your enemy!
Every alter is actually your friend and ally because all alters were created for the same specific purpose: your survival and well-being. Read more…   
It Wasn’t Your Fault
What happened to you as a victim of extreme abuse was not your fault! It is not possible to do something bad enough to deserve extreme abuse. Read more…    
Divvy Up Supports
Be sure to “divvy up” the support you seek between as many people and/or groups as possible! Read more… 
Wholeness, not Integration, is the Goal
Contrary to popular belief, healing from DID does not necessarily require full integration where all alters merge or join. Read more…