Crisis State – What to Do?


Prepare ahead! 

Make your own list of things to do when you are in an emotional state of crisis!

It’s invaluable to have a list of things to do when a dissociation-related crisis state occurs. If you wait until you are already in crisis it’s too late, as it’s nearly impossible to think of options and coping techniques when you are in a dissociated state or feeling emotionally overwhelmed. Self-care of this sort is valuable whether you have addictions, dissociated identities, or some other combination of dissociative effects.
The process of creating a list of “Things to Do When In a Crisis State” is itself of value.
It gives you a grounding tool to grab onto in times of crisis or distress. It helps you get to know yourself. It improves your self-care options, makes you feel empowered, and helps you to take charge of your own needs through self-connection, self-responsibility and self-accountability.
Whether you have full out Dissociated Identities or not, it’s important to make your own list so you can personalize it with all of the possibilities that might help you. Keep in mind that the usefulness of tools and techniques can change over time. What works one day may be different than what works another day, and what works for one alter or particular dissociative effect may be different than what works for another. So don’t dismiss an idea just because it doesn’t seem to work. Unless it actually causes you a problem, keep it on your list for possible future use.
For some examples of what might help in a crisis, check out my personal list of what I did to cope, in the Healing Methods and Suggestions section of this website. 


To Help You Get Started On Your Own List

Some ideas for General Categories Might Include
  • Physical
    • play activity
    • healing power of water – soak in tub or go swimming
    • sports activity
    • explore nature
    • dance
  • Mental
    • read a book
    • solve a puzzle or crossword
    • investigate something that will engage your curiosity
  • Self-expressive or Creative
    • sing
    • journal – write or draw your thoughts/feelings
  • Venting
    • crank up some intense vocalizing music and yell out your cares, concerns, fears, angers
  • Hope-creating
    • paint a beautiful picture
    • walk in nature
    • spend time with animals/living creatures, friends, loved ones
    • look at the nights stars
    • learn about the magnificent miracles people have experienced
    • watch an inspiring documentary
  • Reach Out – have contact list/s
    • people
      • for when scared
      • for when angry
      • to play with
      • to cry safely with
      • for practical advice
      • etc
    • groups or agencies
      • for guidance
      • for support
      • for practical assistance
      • for financial assistance
      • to volunteer with
      • etc