Self Care Tips

There are many approaches to healing the dissociation-related effects of trauma

This makes it important to customize your self-care tips, because what works for one person may not work for another. We each must draw upon those methods and tools that best serve us at any given moment. Over time, we are sure to find that what works for us evolves and shifts. This is the nature of needs and healing, so it makes sense to have a wealth of ideas available from which to pick and choose.


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Crisis State-What to Do?
Healing methods & Suggestions
  • Helpful practices
  • Approaches and attitudes
  • Beliefs and mottos
  • Helpful Points Specific to Healing from DID
  • Memory Work
Disclaimer: I offer ideas, comments and suggestions. I do not offer guarantees nor make promises of any sort. I am not responsible for what you do with this information – it is up to you to use discretion and self-care in relation to what you do, or do not, accept and/or apply.

Crisis State – What to Do?

It’s important to have a list of Things to Do when a dissociation-related Crisis State occurs. If you wait until you are already in crisis it’s too late, as it’s nearly impossible to think of options and coping techniques when you are in a dissociated state or feeling emotionally overwhelmed. Self-care of this sort is valuable whether you are fully DID, or have addictions or some other combination of dissociative effects. Read more …


Healing Methods and Suggestions


General Dissociation-related

A broad overview of the range of possibilities through the example of what I have employed in my own healing.

Various types of therapies, counseling, etc. Read more …
Helpful practices that I’ve used at various points in my life  Read more …
Approaches and attitudes I’ve adopted for my healing and overall best interests.   Read more …
Beliefs and mottos that were especially helpful for me  Read more …

Extreme Dissociation and DID/DIG-specific

Extreme Abuse Survey (EAS) informs of the methods and approaches that helped people heal from the effects of trauma and dissociation. PDF of EAS Survey Results at: Karriker-Paper-2007.pdf 

Helpful Points Specific to Healing from DID  Read more …
Memory Work  Read more …