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  • Dissociative Identity
Disclaimer: Although I do my best to screen the content of these links to ensure they are legitimate, accurate and safe, I do not claim to agree with or condone everything that is in these links, and I am not responsible for their content or any triggers they may contain. Please be cautious with them, and always make your own decisions about their value to you.


The John Bowlby Centre for Attachment-based Psychoanalytic Psychotherapythebowlbycentre.org.uk
The Clinic for Dissociative Studies – assessment, treatment and training – clinicds.co.uk
Healing the Divided Self – practical guide to healing dissociation by Maggie Phillips Ph.D. – maggiephillipsphd.com
Know Dissociation – survivor/counselor site – knowdissociation.blogspot.ca
Internet of the Mind – survival skills and dissociation – internet-of-the-mind.com
An Infinite Mind – educating the public and professionals about trauma-based dissociation – aninfinitemind.com
Finding Oneself – recovery from dissociation – inspirepub.hubpages.com
Many Voices – words of hope for people recovering from trauma and dissociation – manyvoicespress.org
Lynn’s Art – art and information on DID – lynnsart.net
Sidran Institute – dissociation resources for survivors, supporters and professionals – sidran.org
Treating Dissociation – resource site for therapists with dissociative clients – treatingdissociation.com

Spectrum of Dissociation           

Empty Memories – clinical dissociative spectrum FAQs, symptoms and categories – empty-memories.nl
Psych Solve – “Mental Health Problem Solver” – information on mental health issues, with a dissociation-based perspective on traditional psychiatric disorders – newharbinger.com

Dissociative Identity

DID/MPD Information Pages – comprehensive information and hope for the MPD/DID community – didmpdinfo.com
All Psych Journal – the virtual psychology classroom – dissociative identity disorder information – allpsych.com
First Person Plural – survivor-led information and training for DID and similar complex disorders – firstpersonplural.org.uk
DID – A Legitimate Diagnosis – A Spiritual Healing – survivor site with resources – didlegit.com