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  • Spiritual and/or Metaphysical
  • Campaigns for Change
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  • Human Rights
  • Abuse, Violence, Crime
  • Memory
  • Trauma
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Response PTSR (commonly PTSD/PTS Disorder)
Dissociation-specific Links
  • Dissociation
  • Spectrum of Dissociation
  • Dissociative Identity
Extreme Abuse Links
Petitions Involving Extreme Abuse
Articles about Extreme Abuse
Misc Topics
Human Trafficking/Slavery
Child Soldiering
Programming and/or Experimentation
Mind Control
Electronic Harassment
Extreme Abuse Sites 
Extreme Abuse
Human Trafficking/Slavery
Ritual Abuse
Mind Control
Electronic Harassment

Disclaimer: Although I do my best to screen the content of these links to ensure they are legitimate, accurate and safe, I do not claim to agree with or condone everything that is in these links, and I am not responsible for their content or any triggers they may contain. Please be cautious with them, and always make your own decisions about their value to you.