Humor & Inspiration


We all know that Laughter is the best medicine,

but do you know Hope and Inspiration are just as important?


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It’s easy to take life too seriously, especially when trauma and dissociation are actively interfering.

This makes it extra important to find and maintain balance in your life. Humor and inspiration are invaluable tools in any resource kit.

I’ve gathered links to some of my favourite sites and articles. Some will make you laugh, others will make you cry or inspire you. All spoke to something in me, or they would not be here in this compilation of links.


One story I want to highlight is Hero of the Year – Woman Fighting Sex Slavery! –  about Anuradha Koirala, a woman whose group has rescued more than 12,000 women and girls from sex slavery. She was named the 2010 CNN Hero of the Year. She said, “Human trafficking is a crime, a heinous crime, a shame to humanity. I ask everyone to join me to create a society free of trafficking. We need to do this for all our daughters.”

The Little Soul and the Sun is another story I consider worth singling out. It gave me pause when I first read it, and rippled through my unconscious after that, touching me deeply at many levels. Although some may not agree with the entire premise of it, it still highlights an awesome approach to life.

A final hopeful article to check out: In Bolivia, “the Law of Mother Earth“ grants Nature equal rights to humans. This is to encourage a radical shift in conservation attitudes and actions, to enforce new control measures on industry, and to reduce environmental destruction. Pretty exciting news!


Now here is my collection of Links. I trust you’ll find lots to make note of and enjoy!
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Disclaimer: Although I do my best to screen the content and links I include here, I do not claim to agree with or condone everything that is in these links. Please apply your wisdom and self-care in what you take from these links and their content.


Inspiring Projects, Groups and Organizations

Ted Talks – ideas worth spreading –
Avaaz – global web movement to bring people-powered politics to decision-making everywhere –
V-Day Foundation – global movement to end violence against women and girls, builds girls’ villages –
Playing for Change Foundation – multimedia movement to connect, bring peace through music –
The Virtues Project – bringing virtues to life –
The Forgiveness Project – awareness, education, transformation – – worldwide community for grateful living –
Imagine the Good – where hope and action connect –
The Sisterhood is Global Institute – think tank for international feminism –
Grandmothers Speak – spreading the light and women’s empowerment –
BraveHeart Women – be. create. collaborate.  –
The Elders – independent global leaders working for peace and human rights –
Common Dreams – building progressive community –
Pearls of Wisdom – awakening personal and global consciousness –

Inspiring Individuals

Eve Ensler – scripted The Vagina Monologues, founded the V-Day Foundation – – about eve ensler
Amanda Gore – helps business leaders get people engaged, energized, motivated and inspired –
Linda Edgecombe – “energize, engage, inspire” – humorist, life perspective specialist –


Being Different – quotes and sayings –

General Quotes and Sayings

Cheer Up and Be Happy!
Inspirational and Funny
Uplifting Quotes and
Quotes about Hope to Renew Your Spirit and Strength
Daily Quotes to Live
Cool & Smart Sayings and