This section provides a range of resources and helpful information that I’ve compiled with a focus on people with dissociation-related issues or who are in dissociation-related professions.


My understanding of, and perspective on, Dissociation is based on two things: personal experience of Dissociative Identity Response, both in myself and through interacting with many others who suffered varied effects of dissociation; and a background of social work and lay counseling. As a friend put it, I am a generalist in a specialist’s world, with a basic grasp of numerous related topics that give me a big picture overview to draw upon in my suggestions and advice.


think_outside_the_box_minimalist_by_devil_thedeviant-d63az8b.pngI make many statements expressing my personal opinions and beliefs. Only some of this is backed up by “official” education, research or documentation – quite a bit is my own interpretations based on my life experiences and personal observations.  A fair bit of my own material differs from commonly accepted understandings and standards, traditional and current, and may therefore call you to open to the possibilities of new thoughts and ideas in paradigm shifting ways.

Yes, in the best interest of all you care about, I ask you to think outside the box. Allow your heart, soul, and intuition to enlighten your responses and what you do with these new thoughts and possibilities. Who knows what delightful magic will happen when you do!


Important Definitions 
Part of my goal is promoting understanding, and much of what I write and speak about is still unknown or misunderstood by most people. So, here are links to some general definitions of pertinent Dissociation-related words and concepts.
DEFINITIONS in printable format for use as Information Handouts 


Stuff You Need to Know
General Dissociation-related Stuff
  • Recognizing Dissociation at Work in your Life
  • My Beliefs About What Works and What Doesn’t in Creating Change
  • Healthy Perspectives and Approaches
    • Dissociative Symptoms Checklists
  • My Suggestions for Alternatives
Dissociative Identity-specific Stuff
  • All Alters are Good and Helpful
  • It Wasn’t Your Fault
  • Divvy Up Supports
  • Wholeness, not Integration, is the Goal
How to Help
  • Top 9  Tips
Self-Care Tips
Crisis State-What to Do?
Healing Methods & Suggestions
  • helpful practices
  • approaches and attitudes
  • beliefs and mottos
Dissociative Identity-specific
  • Helpful Points Specific to Healing Dissociative Identity
  • Memory Work
Recommended Reading
General Healing-related Recommendations
Recommendations related to Extreme Abuse, Mind Control and Other Currently Underexposed Issues 
Humor & Inspiration
Inspiring Projects, Groups, and Organizations
Inspiring Individuals
Dissociation Related
General Quotes & Sayings
Resource Links
General Links
  • Helpful Tools
  • Helpful Individuals
  • Spiritual and/or Metaphysical
  • Campaigns for Change
  • Petitions
  • Human Rights
  • Abuse, Violence, Crime
  • Memory
  • Trauma
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Response PTSR (commonly PTSD/PTS Disorder)
Dissociation-specific Links
  • Dissociation
  • Spectrum of Dissociation
  • Dissociative Identity
Extreme Abuse Links
Petitions Involving Extreme Abuse
Articles about Extreme Abuse
Misc Topics
Human Trafficking/Slavery
Child Soldiering
Programming and/or Experimentation
Mind Control
Electronic Harassment
Extreme Abuse Sites
Extreme Abuse
Human Trafficking/Slavery
Ritual Abuse
Mind Control
Electronic Harassment