Origins & Evolution

More Than an Idea Educational Materials and Services (MTAI) is an ever-evolving collection of educational materials and services, almost all of which are related to spreading the understanding of Dissociation and the Spectrum of Dissociative Effects in some manner.

MTAI evolved over time, from seeds that intertwined into its current form. Until recent years, I didn’t recognize that spreading understanding about the spectrum of dissociative effects had been my true passion from the beginning. Rather, I struggled to define what it is I do and to determine what makes up the precise package of materials, skills, services, talents and abilities I have to offer. I didn’t even know how to offer them – by phone?  In person?  As talks?  In handouts and brochures?   The business form and content were fluid, changing, not yet fully conceived. It took close to a decade for MTAI to evolve to its’ present shape, but when it did, WOW – More Than an Idea burst forth into full bloom, seemingly out of the blue! Proof that although we can’t see or know it all, there is a plan in the inevitable way life unfolds!


Steps in MTAI’s Evolution


1991 – 92

Learning about Dissociation in my early healing from abuse


Creation of educational components about dissociation for Reaching for Rainbows: Moving Beyond Trauma ) an educational art show by and for trauma survivors sparked the initial business name and general concept for “Ideas ‘N More” (website page: Reaching for Rainbows: Moving Beyond Trauma; MP3 of radio interview: Reaching for Rainbows: Moving Beyond Trauma)


Attending a self-employment program shifted my business name and plans to “Ideas ‘N More Consultation Services”


My belief that the understanding of dissociation and the dissociative spectrum is a powerful tool for change began to take clear shape when I prepared a personal experience paper. Letter to the UN, that was submitted along with a group presentation by the Commission on the Status of Women’s presentation to the United Nations to demand Ritual Abuse-Torture be declared a crime against humanity (it has been!)


The medium and method of educational efforts next morphed into an hour long solo improvisational stage show, One Simple Truth: The Story of Dissociation, about the history and development of individual and societal dissociation, with my 2001 art show educational materials used for the content of the introductory scenes


Workshop plans appeared and a few versions came and went, including “7 Steps to Change” and “One Simple Truth: A Magic Key to Change,” all with my art and stage show dissociation-related educational material as foundational content


I wrote Patterns in Mind Control: A First Person Account for the resource textbook Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-first Century: Psychological, Forensic, Social and Political Considerations  to share the message that understanding of dissociation is a key to change, spelling it out in the epilogue The Moral of My Story


The release of “Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-first Century” led to a 3 hour documentary interview of me by psychologist Ellen Lacter that became a 3-DVD set “Healing from Ritual Abuse and Mind Control: Survivor Trish Fotheringham Speaks Out”,  with tips for understanding and healing from RA/MC and related dissociative responses and issues


With the DVD release it became essential to have a proper, legitimate business. A friend pointed out that spreading understanding, hope and inspiration isn’t “Ideas and More” – that in fact, it is “More Than An Idea” and “More Than an Idea Educational Materials and Services” finally became a registered entity!


The current incarnation of “Trish Fotheringham’s More Than an Idea Educational Materials & Services” was officially launched