Standards of Practice

MTAI’s Standards of Practice embody my belief that we’re all spiritual creatures having a human experience.  The foundation and framework for MTAI’s ethics, morals, values, methods and approaches reflect and operate on this basic principle. I do my best to acknowledge, accept, appreciate and honor all life – with Spirit as my source and guide.



MTAI’s Mission is to Spread Understanding, Hope and Inspiration by providing Educational Materials and Services that promote the understanding of Dissociation and the Spectrum of Dissociative Effects as a powerful tool for change, particularly in campaigns for change and reform.

best-PRG_boothNov2009 (1024x752)In simple, straightforward language, I guide people to new realms of understanding they can use in everyday life.  I educate about the common aspects of Dissociation in our daily activities and responses, and the profound effects Dissociation has on all our lives. I speak primarily to the “middle-ground” of the Dissociative Spectrum, the part which applies to most people in one form or another. I also offer guidance in understanding and healing from Extreme Abuse.

You’ll find materials in various mediums throughout my website. Written material includes freely downloadable articles, and dissociation-related definitions. Audio/Visual resources include online radio interviews and a call-in talk show that are archived and /or available in MP3 format.

MTAI’s services include Talks with Trish – Consultations for helping professionals, and  Interactive Q & A for Groups.