Testimonials about Materials

About my DVD Healing From Ritual Abuse and Mind Control
2 part Review by LisaBri of former website dissociatedsurvivor.com – excerpt from Part 1 – Dec 2010

“Healing from Ritual Abuse and Mind Control: Survivor Trish Fotheringham Speaks Out (is) a must for the libraries and book shelves of survivors, therapists and anyone working to eradicate the atrocities of abuse on all levels. With psychologist Ellen Lacter interviewing her, Trish takes us through her healing process from Ritual Abuse and Mind Control in an honest manner, at times humorous, but always blatantly bold with disregard to her childhood/young adult training. “The more they told me not to talk, the more I did,” says Trish.”


About Ritual Abuse in the 21st Century
First review in 2008 – excerpt from: The Consequences and Ramifications of Ritual Abuse

“…important writings from two dozen international, multidisciplinary team members, (who) are experts on the psychological, forensic, social and political consequences and ramifications of ritual abuse. These authors provide background information and stories of individuals to help give the reader a clearer understanding of ritual abuse in modern times. … I found the chapters on prayer, healing, and survivors to be pertinent and significant to me. This is a book that should be read by mental health workers, pastors, professional counselors, political leaders, and concerned laymen.”– Richard R. Blake


About my parenting article I Used to Abuse My Kids But I Don’t Anymore
RMNews – excerpt from Nov 2011 email:

“Trish, congratulations on your changes though by the date I can see it was long ago, now. I too abused my only daughter. Never sexually, never directly, but by being mostly a bad example of a very angry man … Like you, I have learned different. Thank God. It takes a big person to admit these mistakes. Congratulations, again, I love what you had to say. In fact, I love your spirit.”   – Jeff G.

Letter to Editor of Island Parent Magazine Nov ‘99:

“I was blown away by the article “I Used to Abuse My Kids But I Don’t Anymore” in the October Issue of your magazine. I take my hat off to Trish F. who told it like it was. Gutsy, down to earth stuff.  – A. Holmes

Excerpt from Publisher’s Pen column of Island Parent Magazine May 2001:

“I’ve never met a parent who wasn’t doing the best job they could. I remember so clearly the woman who wrote the article “I Used to Abuse My Kids But I Don’t Anymore” for the Island Parent Magazine in October 1999 where she talked about the way she had come to the awareness that the way she was parenting was abusive. She had been parenting the only way she knew… the way she had been parented. What could be more normal than that which is familiar? Through a parenting course, she learned a different way of being with her children and instead of beating herself up, or abusing herself for what she had been doing or not doing, she put her energy into being more the way she wanted to be with her children. That article had a profound effect on me because the author was able to show me that she was doing the best job she could with the skills she had. And when she was exposed to different possibilities and better skills, she gained an insight into her behavior that motivated her to make different choices. And though she expressed her pain and regret about the way she had been, the over-riding thought I got when reading her piece, was one of hope. I so appreciated a glimpse into her reality. I learned how useless it is to judge.”  – Selinde Krayenhoff