Articles & Papers


The articles I write are generally informational and creative, true stories of my life and learning.


To date, what I have available is:


I Used to Abuse My Kids, But I Don’t Anymore
This is the story of when I found out I was an abusive parent in social work classes. I share what I was thinking when I abused, and what I learned to do instead.
Letter to the UN
This personal experience paper was submitted as part of a large group presentation by the Commission on the Status of Women to the United Nations. They succeeded in having Ritual Abuse-Torture declared a Crime against Humanity! 
The Moral of My Story
This stand-alone Epilogue to Patterns in Mind Control is thought-provoking and inspiring; I share the change-creating discoveries I gleaned from my experiences.
Patterns in Mind Control: A First person Account
My in-depth article published as chapter 19 in Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-first Century (Noblitt & Perskin-Noblitt 2008), explains how mind control is done through details of my upbringing as a victim of mind control.
Mind control as I experienced it
Short summary, published in Healing the Unimaginable (2011), of my more detailed story Patterns in Mind Control.