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Trish’s YouTube Channel:
New Video Interview!

Anger Management – a Mind Control Perspective

10 min. video of interview with Trish and Mary W. Maxwell, PhD, LLB



Interviews you can freely access

11 min. video clip from Healing from RA and MC: Trish Fotheringham Speaks Out


13 min. video reading of The Moral of My Story


Online Radio Interviews

Vyzygoth with Trish Fotheringham on Mixcloud

About release of Patterns in Mind Control article  (Feb 2009)   
Online radio talk show interview about my Patterns in Mind Control article and Ritual Abuse and Mind Control in general.

TruthBrigade with Trish Fotheringham on Mixcloud

Overcoming Ritual Abuse (Nov 2009)  
My first call-in talk radio show interview.  

Rainbows with Trish Fotheringham on Mixcloud

Reaching for Rainbows: Moving Beyond Trauma (April 2001)    
My first radio interview ever!  On local university radio station, about the educational art show I helped co-create.

Articles and Papers


The articles I write are generally informational and creative, true stories of my life and learning. 

Articles & Papers you can freely access:

I Used to Abuse My Kids, But I Don’t Anymore
This is the story of when I found out I was an abusive parent.
Letter to the UN
 Personal experience paper submitted by the Commission on the Status of Women to the United Nations.
The Moral of My Story
Stand-alone Epilogue to Patterns in Mind Control.
Patterns in Mind Control: A First person Account
In-depth article published explains how mind control is done through details of my upbringing as a victim of mind control.
Mind control as I experienced it
Short summaryof Patterns in Mind Control.



My Poetry

A Poem On Being Multiple – When I Am We

A thought-provoking, dissociation-specific taste of this form of my self-expression.


My Poetry Booklet

A collection of 45 poems that delve into my discovering that I was multiple and some steps along the path that opened up as a result. 

Free-Flow Healing: A Multiple’s Journey in Poetry
FREE* Click here to view 3 free poems from the booklet
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entire 50 page booklet

Please respect my copyright by requesting permission to reproduce any part of this book, and encouraging others to download copies, as opposed to freely distributing them.