My Poetry


One of the ways I cope with life and especially my growth and healing, is to keep a personal journal. I started  this practice when I was 18 and now have more than 15 large duotang binders chock full of writings and drawings. People tell me they resonate with or learn something from  the  emotions, ideas, insights, perspectives and practical details within my poetry and drawings in particular.


One form my journaling has frequently taken is what I call “Free-Flow Word-Pictures”.

These poems are unplanned stream of consciousness creations that record my feelings, impressions, questions, philosophies and more. Usually they go in-depth into one main topic, but sometimes they are a big picture overview of a subject.


A Free Poem

On Being Multiple – When I Am We

A thought-provoking, dissociation-specific taste of this form of my self-expression.


My Poetry Booklet

A collection of 45 poems that delve into my discovering that I was multiple and some steps along the path that opened up as a result. 

Free-Flow Healing: A Multiple’s Journey in Poetry
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entire 50 page booklet

Please respect my copyright by requesting permission to reproduce any part of this book, and encouraging others to download copies, as opposed to freely distributing them.