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Healing from Ritual Abuse and Mind Control:
Survivor Trish Fotheringham Speaks Out
3-disc DVD set – 160 min. one-to-one in-person interview of Trish by Ellen Lacter, Ph.D
Additional Special Features include
Trish readingThe Moral of My Story”, the independently noteworthy epilogue to her in-depth chapter Patterns in Mind Control: A First Person Account in Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-first Century: Psychological, Forensic, social and Political Considerations. (2008)
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(by LisaBri of Dissociated Survivor.com) 


 A Clip From the DVD

In this interview of almost three hours, Trish inspires hope and courage for extreme abuse survivors. She gives direction and guidance for the healing journey, not only to survivors but also to the people who help them, including psychotherapists, clergy, and loved ones.   
    Trish’s years of ritual abuse and mind control remained secret, even from herself, until she was 30 years old, reaching conscious awareness during college social work classes about child abuse. The decade-spanning healing journey that followed led Trish to discover truths that have culminated in her life purpose of sharing her experiences to spread understanding, hope and inspiration.
    Beginning when victims are very young, perpetrators of ritual abuse and mind control use torture and manipulation of the mind’s capacity to form dissociated (separate and compartmentalized) identities in an attempt to forever control and silence their victims.
    Defying her abusers’ machinations, in this DVD, Trish describes parts of the process of mind control torture and tackles some of the most difficult challenges survivors face as they work to resolve their trauma. She tells how she worked through her abuse and integrated her dissociated identities into a cohesive whole sense of self. She also displays artwork illustrating her previously dissociated personalities, her inner world, and her breaking free of the bonds in which her abusers sought to trap her. 
    Speaking out to promote peace, happiness and love in the world helps Trish give value to the nightmarish hell in which she grew up and to the huge amount of hard, lonely work it took to become healthy, happy, and whole.


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