Here you will find a wealth of Dissociation-related resource and support information, available in various media.

Since I was a teenager, I’ve been collecting and creating educational materials of one kind or another. By my early 20’s it was me people called if they had a question and I’d been dubbed “the resource person” amongst friends and co-workers.  When I got my first file cabinet I was overjoyed to finally have a place to keep all of the writings, brochures and information handouts I had collected!

Now, I’m delighted to share some of these dissociation-related or otherwise pertinent educational and resource materials.

Over time, I will continue to make more materials available for you to access through this MTAI website.


MTAI’s Currently Available Materials include

Writings include freely downloadable articles and information handouts. 
Audio/Visual materials are archived or available as MP3s or MP4s.

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