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  • Damage Policy:  If any Material product you purchased is damaged in any way, please contact me, Trish, at so we can make arrangements to rectify the situation.
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MTAI website content, Support and Resource Info and Materials, and I, Trish Fotheringham, offer ideas, comments, suggestions and links, based on personal and professional experiences of dissociation-related issues and the recovery process (see bio and healing methods used).
MTAI website content and Materials are NOT Therapy.
  • I do not treat or diagnose.
  • I do not offer guarantees nor make promises of any sort.
  • I do not claim that any of the techniques, tools, methods or approaches offer treatment or healing in and of themselves, or that I myself heal any physical or emotional issues.
I do my best to ensure accuracy in the content of this website and to screen links for safety and legitimate, trust-worthy content.
  • I do not claim to agree with or condone everything that is included or linked to.
  • I am not responsible for any triggers the content or links may contain, or what you do with this information.
  • It is up to you, the consumer, to use discretion and self-care in relation to what you do, or do not, accept and/or apply.
I caution you to only believe what feels right in your gut, your heart and soul, no matter what!
I may not always provide proper credit and attribution for other author’s content. If you have a concern about something I’ve included on this website, or want your info and/or link removed, please contact me, Trish, at so I can make it right.
“Fair Use” Notice:
 This website contains some copyrighted (©) material that I have not been specifically authorized to use by the copyright owner. It is made available for non-profit educational purposes to spread understanding of dissociation and related issues. I believe this constitutes ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material. If you wish to use such copyrighted material for purposes of your own beyond ‘fair use’, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. Any copyright owner with concerns about my use of their material should contact me at so I can make it right.
Liability Waivers
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Trish Fotheringham and More Than An Idea claim the following Copyrights and Trademarks:

   My Heart and Rainbow Logo  This “fly-by heart leaving a rainbow” logo was designed by me. I own it and claim trademark on it.

MTAI full Logo with blue & white background
The full “Trish Fotheringham’s More Than An Idea – A Lens for Change” logo with mission statement motto on blue and white background was designed by me and my graphic designer Leila Kubegusa – I own it and claim trademark on it.
Except as otherwise noted, the information included in the materials and website of Trish Fotheringham, and/or More Than An Idea is solely the opinions, creation and property of me, Trish Fotheringham. Much is original material, and as such is copyrighted.
Use of Materials:
You may copy and share this material for non-profit personal and educational purposes, but you must get my permission before using it for other purposes.
My Copyrighted Materials:
Excluding quotes and other people’s copyrighted information, I specifically claim copyright for the following:
The entire content of my website,, including but not limited to:
    • the DISSOCIATION section
    • the SUPPORT section
    • the Dissociation-related DEFINITIONS PDFs 
Free-Flow Healing: A Multiple’s Journey in Poetry booklet – individual poems were written on various dates from 1990 on >


My words and statements in Online radio talk show interviews:
  • Truth Brigade Radio – about DVD interview Healing from Ritual Abuse and Mind Control: Survivor Trish Fotheringham Speaks Out
  • Beyond the Grassy Knoll – about Patterns in Mind Control: A First Person Account and Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-first Century
Healing from Ritual Abuse and Mind Control: Survivor Trish Fotheringham Speaks Out DVD of Interview – entire content
  • The Moral of My Story – epilogue to Patterns in Mind Control: A First Person Account
  • Patterns in Mind Control: A First Person Account, both with and without The Moral of My Story included
  • I Was a Demonstration Model: Patterns in Mind Control, both with and without The Moral of My Story included
One Simple Truth stage show and video and script
Letter to the UN
UVIC radio station CFUV – interview about educational art show Reaching for Rainbows: Moving Beyond Trauma
I Used To Abuse My Kids, But I Don’t Anymore
1997 >   
The StoryTeller’s Tales book/screenplay – original idea, initial draft chapter, plus later edited versions and yet to be written content that  will become 3 books/parts: The StoryTeller’s Tales:  pt1- of the Girl-child, pt2 – of the Woman-child, pt3 – of the Woman